The Minnesota Fidlar eByte: March 2017

We are incredibly pleased to have forged such a strong and lasting partnership with Martin County, Minnesota over the past twenty years. Together with Kay Wrucke and her staff, we’ve experienced many changes in the land records industry and worked together to stay one-step-ahead and provide the best services we can to her community. Throughout the years, Martin County has always been eager to utilize new ideas and technologies and they’ve seen many benefits from them.

As of late, Martin County has greatly expanded upon the services they provide to constituents. By utilizing Community Outreach services like Honor Rewards, the discount program for local veterans, and Property Fraud Alert, a subscription-based notification system, Martin County Recorder’s Office was able to stay as vital as ever to the public. To process and distribute land documents, Martin County utilized the AVID Land Records Management System and image distribution solution, Monarch. By participating in the Lifecycle program, Kay was able to bring these unique components into her office without additional cost.




“My time within the Recorder’s Office and partnered with Fidlar has been well spent. I’ve been able to speak publicly and to my peers about major events and issues that affect the public across the state and across the country. Being involved with Fidlar has allowed me to advance my office and advance the services we provide to our constituents. It’s great to know that there are existing businesses that hold great values and truly value their partners.”

– Kay Wrucke, former Martin County Recorder

“I’m excited to have Martin County partnered with Fidlar. The office staff has had great experiences working with their team and I know we’ll be able to stay the course and keep advancing the services we provide in the office. The partnership we have with Fidlar is strong, I look forward to what the future has in store for us.” – Diane Sanders, Martin County Recorder