The Voice • May 2016


The eRecording company Simplifile recently released their Q1 report that indicates a strong rise of eRecording’s popularity throughout the nation. The report lends itself as evidence that more documents are entering land recording offices as eRecordings. eRecording greatly streamlines the traditional methods of processing land record documents; all that is required to submit an eRecording with a vendor is internet access and a web browser. Simplifile is a national eRecording vendor that caters to lenders, settlement agencies and local government offices.

Paul Clifford, president of Simplifile, had this to say about eRecording and the report’s findings, “County recorders are embracing e-recording at a brisk tempo that points to a growing awareness of the advantages offered by this technology. The number of e-recording counties has grown steadily over the last several years, but it looks like we could be on track for a banner year in 2016. We’re already electronically submitting land record documents to the tune of over 2.5 million documents per quarter, and the infrastructure is in place to support e-recording of three out of four transactions.” [1]

Clifford stated that eRecording is gaining acclaim with a wide range of population sizes. “Counties in states as lightly populated as North Dakota, for example, are also seeing the efficiency and cost benefits e-recording can provide and are choosing to make the switch from paper-based to electronic recording.” [2]

The report informs that Simplifile is now routing eRecordings for an additional 49 counties across 20 states in this year’s first quarter, raising the total number of eRecording counties to 1,410. Currently, 75% of all land record documents in the nation could be eRecorded.