The Maine Fidlar eByte – May 2018

Hancock County Finds Value in Partner Relationship Manager


  • Exclusive to the Register – Partner Relationship Manager
  • On-site visits to assist with office advancement
  • Planning and guidance with implementation
  • Commitment to Serving Fidlar Partnerships

Fidlar has long held a focus that is exclusive to the needs of the Register’s Office. We understand that each county office is unique and requires a solution that is tailored to best suit the individual office. For this reason, Fidlar created the Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) program.

Exclusive to each Fidlar County Partner, the goal of the PRM program is to make their experience the best it can be. The primary objective of the PRM is to regularly meet with each County Partner in their office to provide assistance to the Register and their staff. They work to keep each office informed with deliverables such as the Annual Dashboard and hosting collaborative events like the User Group Meeting.

Once an office is appointed their PRM, they become the main point-of-contact which establishes a direct line of communication which remains constant. As Fidlar products and services are released, the PRM will work alongside with the Register to offer guidance and assist with any product implementation within the office. Additionally, with any product or service implementation, the PRM will travel on-site to provide training to all necessary parties.

Fidlar strives to exceed the expectations of each partner on all sides and we want to champion each and every hurdle that your office overcomes. Through the assistance provided to the Register’s Office via the Partner Relationship Manager program, we want to do our best to advance your office in every way possible.



“Working with Alex Slaby, our PRM, has been a great experience. I feel that he’s very knowledgeable about Fidlar and the industry we are in, making him a great resource to Hancock County. We met in our office recently to discuss some things through and as a result we’ve got a plan in place to guide us moving forward.” – Julie Curtis, Hancock County Registry of Deeds