goodDeeds • October 2019

It comes as no surprise to us that many of our county partners do more than just record Deeds — they perform goodDEEDS. By sharing as many of these good deeds as possible, we hope to raise awareness of the various charities and organizations they contribute to. We want to build their momentum and effectiveness in achieving their very important goals.

Fidlar Technologies would like to recognize Stephenson County, Illinois and the terrific charitable work they continue to do in favor of a local charity, VOICES of Stephenson County. VOICES of Stephenson County is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate domestic violence in Stephenson County and to provide support for those who fall victim to it. Originally formed in 1917 as a branch of YWCA in Freeport, Illinois, VOICES has been a mainstay in their community, providing support hotlines, prevention education, therapy services for victims of sexual assault and abuse, and a used bookstore – The Book Nook – designed to help support agency operations.

County Clerk and Recorder Vici Otte has put forth years of service for VOICES, serving on the board of directors since 2000 in addition to 5-6 years served as President of the organization. The Book Nook has been one of the board’s biggest successes in an effort to support the work VOICES does. Originally a book fair taking placing some 20-odd miles away, The Book Nook has taken on a more permanent location inside a local mall. Charitable donations in the form of used books make their way to The Book Nook where proceeds are then funneled back into VOICES. This symbiotic relationship has not only proved valuable for VOICES, but it has reaffirmed Vici’s commitment to her county residents. In addition to The Book Nook, the VOICES board and volunteers have a presence at many local events, including the recent Eats and Beats, where they continue to raise money so as to be able to continue providing support to those in need.

“I am very proud of the work that VOICES has been able to do throughout the years. We used to trek back and forth to our book fair location, but The Book Nook’s permanent location in our local mall has proved invaluable for VOICES and the people VOICES serves.”
-Vici Otte, Stephenson County Clerk and Recorder