The Wisconsin Fidlar eByte: February 2016


We are proud to inform you that Adams County has reached higher performance levels with AVID. AVID‘s components work to make faster transactions possible, to establish a paperless environment and improve the integrity of the Register’s recording services. Additionally, enhanced features such as back indexing and integrated document imaging mitigates the need for third party vendors. AVID completes a vast array of powerful functions that were developed specifically with the Register’s needs in mind.




“We’ve been operational with AVID for more than a year now. The upgrades that came within that one year have been more beneficial than anything I’ve seen in the last twenty years. I feel that being able to access document images within the software is an immense benefit. We are able to rescan and correct images within AVID, never having to leave its functions to engage another program. We can do it all in AVID. Another function we use when time permits is Back Indexing. Since March of last year, we have already back indexed 25,000 documents. This wouldn’t have been possible without AVID.” – Jodi M. Helgeson, Adams County Register of Deeds