goodDeeds • March 2020

Fidlar Technologies is beyond proud to highlight Montcalm County, MI where Register of Deeds, Lori Wilson, fills two invaluable roles. As Register of Deeds, Lori continues to provide immeasurable value to her local community and economy, working from home and guaranteeing that her local economy can continue on. What really stands out, though, is Lori’s role as mother; her son is a member of the United States Military, ready to fight for our nation every day, and her daughter, Kayla, is a registered nurse, fighting daily for the lives affected by COVID-19 in Washington state.

Kayla shared the photo above with her mother, who was happy to show her Fidlar family the wonderful work Kayla is doing every day. While our professional lives have seen a significant shift, with offices shutting down or shifting to work-from-home setups, Kayla’s life has seen an even bigger, more daunting shift. More hours, more demanding work, and a higher risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus have presented Kayla with challenges many of us have never faced. Lori continues worrying for her daughter every day, but Kayla fights on unconcerned, knowing that her work is not only saving lives, but also setting an example for the rest of us.

Fidlar thanks Lori for sharing this happy, encouraging news, and we thank Kayla for everything she’s doing to help citizens every day. In such troubled and challenging times, it’s important for us all to keep calm, find the happiness in our lives, and continue to help those we can. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up or a mood boost, consider these options:

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