goodDeeds • April 2020

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight the wildly charitable work and donations that we have seen recently in Warren County, Ohio. Linda Oda, Warren County Recorder of Deeds, is also the president-elect of the Rotary Club of Lebanon, located in Lebanon, Ohio. Linda, and the other members of the Rotary Club, work tirelessly to improve their local community, all on top of the work Linda continues to do for her community as Recorder of Deeds.

Linda had been working to get a district matching grant to feed 1,000 Lebanon children who have been restricted to free and reduced lunches due to the limitations placed on their parents by the COVID-19 virus and the effects it has had on their community. Linda’s local YMCA has a program – entitled Weekend Warriors – that seeks to provide food for those children throughout the weekend, until they can return to school and receive regular meals once again. However, this normal process has been complicated by the virus and the closing of schools, affecting the regular schedule these children had become used to. Since the Weekend Warriors program was already in place, they were able to step up, with the help of the Lebanon Rotary Club, and quickly expand to meet these new needs.

Unfortunately, the cost to maintain such a program is immense. Linda shared in her story that the cost hovers at around $1,200 – $3,000 every week. Linda had been seeking grant money totaling $2,000 to aid this program and these children and was recently notified that her request had been approved. Thanks to Linda, her club, and the hard work they put forth every day to ensure a better life for her community members, many Warren County children will receive meal support in the coming weeks. In such difficult times, it is important for us to all come together and do what we can to assist in the continued health, safety, and well being of our communities.

“The grant was due last night – I spent all day yesterday working on it – and I found out 20 minutes ago we got the entire $2,000! Thank you seems so inadequate.” –Linda Oda, Warren County Recorder