goodDeeds • June 2020

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight the charitable work done by Faribault County, Minnesota, County Recorder, Sherry Asmus, in conjunction with her local church youth group. Together, they accomplished much for their community, starting and finishing several impressive projects and spending time with many who benefited from it. Sherry and her team spent time painting, cleaning windows, clearing gutters, and pulling weeds in a nearby town – limited in what they could do and where they could go by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plans for the group originally included returning to nearby Des Moines, Minnesota, where they had accomplished similarly charitable work in 2019. However, due to those issues presented by the pandemic, they adjusted and focused their efforts on nearby Kiester, MN, where they took it upon themselves to better the lives of those in need. In addition to the manual labor they put in for the Kiester community, they baked cookies and bars and put together frozen meals for those who may find themselves in need. Sherry and her youth group team stand as a shining example of how much we can accomplish when we work together, bettering those around us, just because we can.

“Last year, I traveled to Des Moines with our church youth group, where we worked with the homeless. We wanted to do that again this year, but because of COVID, we couldn’t. We showed love right in our home town & another town nearby.   A few of the things we did: painting, cleaning windows, clearing gutters, pulling weeds, making freezer meals for those in need, as well as visiting shut-ins or anyone who was just  lonely. It really meant a lot to these people, and I’m glad we were able to do some good work!”
Sherry Asmus, Faribault County, MN, County Recorder