goodDeeds • June 2020

Fidlar Technologies is eager to highlight Diane Barrish, Deputy Recorder from Lake County, Ohio, and the selflessness she had been showing almost every week to those staying in a local nursing home. While we all enjoy a friendly face and a visit with a friend, who doesn’t enjoy all of that with the promise of a visit from a cute dog, as well? That’s what Diane thought and, unsurprisingly, discovered with the residents at LakeMed Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center.

Diane’s visits – almost every week on Friday nights – included her pet Yorkie and her mother’s former roommate from that same home. Diane would bring snacks with her, confirming who can have what before handing them out, and then would let her pet Yorkie socialize with those who desired the companionship only a dog can provide. Visits typically lasted around an hour and Diane created strong bonds between those staying in the home and their families. Though the pandemic has shuttered Diane’s weekly visits, she still stays in touch with her mother’s former roommate and the two of them await the day when they’re allowed to safely return to their regular traditions. Fidlar Technologies thanks Diane (and her dog!) for the service they’ve provided their county, and we look forward to hearing more about it when things return to normal.

“Even though my mom passed 10 years ago, I still go back once a week on Friday nights to visit the residents at the nursing home where she stayed. I take my little Yorkie in her dress, pick up my mom’s old roommate she she shared a room with, and grab some snacks to share. I think they look forward to it- especially the snacks! I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back, because of the pandemic, but I look forward to visiting again.”
-Diane Barrish, Lake County, Ohio, Deputy Recorder