goodDeeds • August 2020

Shannon Withers, Tippecanoe County, IN, Recorder, is a member of the board of directors at the Heartford House, a non-profit organization advocating for children who have witnessed, or been targeted by, a crime. Over 700 children a year in the Tippecanoe County area are helped at the Heartford House. Those children have suffered domestic or sexual abuse, child trafficking, and more, and the community around them have come together to defend them and their future. Heartford House relies on the help and fundraising of their community and local police departments, including the Lafayette Police Department’s 5k charity run, “The Foot Pursuit”, where they work to raise money for this valuable cause.

Now in its 20th year of service, Heartford House has been a pillar of the Tippecanoe County community. Heartford House ensures these children have legal representation, hospital attendance, and the ability to get to and from where they need to be to receive proper care and assistance. With the help of local law enforcement – including Shannon’s husband and son – Heartford House have worked out an interview process for affected children that greatly reduces the stress of reliving the crimes. Heartford House has worked hard to ensure a happy, healthy recovery for these children and, with the help of committed community members like Shannon and her family, they have provided an immeasurably-valuable service to their county.

To learn more about how Heartford House protects the children of their community, CLICK HERE.

“Heartford House helps over 700 children, every year, who have been a victim or witness to crime. I am immensely proud of the work that the Heartford House does for our community every day and thankful that we have such a passionate group of people to help these children and their families during very difficult times. Heartford House has proudly served our community for over 20 years.”
-Shannon Withers, Tippecanoe County, IN, Recorder