goodDeeds • October 2020

Fidlar Technologies is eager to highlight the impressive commitment Marion County, MO, Recorder of Deeds, Harla Friesz, has shown to her local community. Not only has Harla been a dedicated official for her community and searchers, but she has been putting forth her own, valuable time and effort towards her local Kiwanis Organization for over 25 years! Harla has been acting as the sponsor for the K-Kids Organization, a group dedicated to 40-50 4th grader children, with the goal of improving their lives, helping their community and schools, and much more. Harla and her K-Kids typically keep busy all year long, though the coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on their ability to gather together.

Under normal circumstances, however, Harla and her 4th graders have helped in many ways throughout the years. Their Backpack Program features a team of children stuffing backpacks with non-perishable foods, like granola bars and soup, that they then provide to other children in need. The K-Kids have helped out at their local recycling center, picked up trash around town and in parks, and they provide handmade cards for nursing home residents every Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Christmas. One activity that Harla is surprised the kids love to participate in is their annual blood drive – held every February – where the kids are eager to help donators sign up, provide snacks to those who have given blood, and act as some of the most genuine cheerleaders you could ask for. Throughout these many years of commitment to the K-Kids and Kiwanis Organization, Harla has continued to find joy and pride in the work they can, and regularly do, accomplish together.

“I’ve been helping our local Kiwanis K-Kids Organization for over 25 years now and I have thoroughly enjoyed every day of it. There is so much fun to have with them and, between the pure joy of working with these 4th graders and the good work we do for our community, I’m able to appreciate every day of it.”
-Harla Friesz, Marion County, MO, Recorder of Deeds