FBI: Consumers Have Lost More than $220 Million to Wire Fraud Schemes in 2020

The Voice • September 2020

The FBI says money lost in schemes like these is usually lost forever.
Wire fraud, like the type that affected Aaron and Lindsey Fisher, is growing in frequency and severity throughout the nation. In the Fishers’ case, it nearly robbed them over close to $1 million and their dream home. In an attempt to close on their new home, the wire fraud perpetrators were able to, successfully, infiltrate the email discussions where they tricked Aaron and Lindsey into wiring the $921,235.10 directly to the fraudulent bank account, which was then immediately transferred to a bank in China.

Fortunately, the Fishers’ bank was able to return their money to them, but that is a stroke of luck that not many affected by this type of fraud and claim. Click here to read the Fishers’ full story and to learn tips on how to protect your family.