goodDeeds • November 2020

Fidlar Technologies is excited to highlight the noble and diligent efforts of Chuck Harris, Porter County Recorder, Indiana, and the rest of his association, the Porter County Substance Abuse Council. This organization is working to address the unintended consequences of substance abuse while forging community partnerships to reduce the recidivism often seen in these cases due to drug-related crimes. This Council, formed by around 15 dedicated individuals with varying types of expertise in the area, seeks to provide support, education, and job opportunities for those serving substance abuse-related sentences.

Chuck, President of the Porter County Substance Abuse Council, has worked in substance abuse-related fields for many years now. He has worked with his associates to set up this Council, which aims to provide GED-level education, construction training, and more to those who can then take the experience and secure a job, helping them to support themselves and their families. In situations where affected individuals can maintain a job, the rate of recidivism is much lower, according to Chuck. The Council is currently looking to help around 100 individuals a year through their several-month program. We thank Chuck, and his associates, for their dedicated work to continue serving their community in ways that exceed expectations.

For more information on the Porter County Substance Abuse Council, visit their website here:

“It’s easy to see how people who get caught up with substance abuse can struggle. They often drop out of high school without a GED, which puts them at a distinct disadvantage in getting a job. Our goal is to provide GED-level education, construction training, and ultimately increase their opportunity to find a job that will help sustain them and their families. If we give people chances to get viable jobs to support themselves, and their families, we find that the recidivism is much lower.”
-Chuck Harris, Porter County Recorder, Indiana