goodDeeds • December 2020

Fidlar Technologies is eager to highlight the impressively expansive efforts made by City of St. Louis Chief Deputy, Lucinda Frazier, and her team of not-for-profit friends and coworkers within the Communities First organization. Lucinda, who has been the Committee Woman for the 3rd Ward of St. Louis for 12 years and is serving her 3rd term, worked with two other women to help form the Communities First organization in St. Louis. This organization has worked tirelessly to improve the lives and livelihood of countless members of the St. Louis community for years.

Lucinda and the Communities First organization have helped coordinate many events aimed at empowering the members of her community. A Father & Son Camping day, which opened up the following day to the entire family, let attendees fish, cook out, and ride horses, all of which was made capable by charitable donations of local community members and businesses. Another similar event focused on mothers and daughters building their relationship, featuring manicures and pedicures they gave to each other, and boasted Build-A-Bears and fun outfits that were also donated.

During Christmas time, Lucinda and the Communities First organization really kick it into overdrive. Campaigning for donations from local businesses, they craft over 100 Christmas baskets that are then given away to those in need. A toy drive is organized and completed through more charitable donations, providing over 300 children with toys, games, and even bikes (that some children insist are given to others who may be more in need). Perhaps most impressively is the food drive that the local food bank helps execute every Thursday. This food drive helps feed over 250 families every week, and features a team of amazing people from the Communities First organization and beyond. Lucinda and her peers serve as a truly bright highlight of what we can accomplish together and in aid of our local society.

For more information on Communities First St. Louis, or to donate to their cause, visit:

“I’ve been helping our local community, as part of Communities First, for years now. We do so much for these people because they deserve so much. I love our community and I love our community members. We keep busy and it fills me with joy to be able to help our society.” Lucinda Frazier, Chief Deputy, City of St. Louis