goodDeeds • January 2021

Fidlar Technologies is eager to highlight the charitable efforts made by Mandy Thomason, Starke County, Indiana, Recorder, and Starke County Helps, a local charitable organization. Mandy, and her peers within Starke County Helps, have been working diligently to help provide county citizens with free masks that have all been handmade. Since they started this effort, they have been able to provide around 350 masks total, a truly impressive quantity. These masks, with another 100 ready to go out right now, have been given to the elderly and those in nursing homes, to those who are immuno-compromised, and other high-risk citizens. After these areas were covered, Mandy helped provide masks for emergency responders and even provided them with additional masks to hand out those they needed to help.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of Mandy and Starke County Helps, over 350 residents have found themselves with extra protection against a pandemic that continues to create challenges for communities across the globe. Mandy mentions that these efforts have been a big help to their community and the fact that her citizens can just come pick up a mask when they need one has been a wonderful convenience. Mandy also highlighted the fact that the need has slowed down, which points towards their success in supporting the citizens of Starke County- fewer people need masks now, thanks to Mandy and Starke County Helps.

“Starke County Helps was originally giving masks to the elderly and nursing homes, those who are immuno-compromised, citizens who were at higher risk, and eventually emergency responders and those they helped. Being able to give masks out to the community who needed them was a great thing to be able to do and our community was safer because of it.”
-Mandy Thomason, Starke County, IN, Recorder