goodDeeds • February 2021

Fidlar Technologies is eager to highlight the charitable efforts made by Mike Ingram and his local community. In 2020, as COVID-19 spread across the globe, Mike and a small group of friends, banded together to start creating masks for those in need. Local nurses and doctors found themselves struggling to find masks, as did schools, nursing homes, and shelters. Familiar with donating this type of effort and product, Mike sprung into action to create CU Mask Makers, a group of like-minded individuals who sought to solve a problem plaguing their community. Throughout 2020, Mike and his compatriots (a growing number of them) worked to provide over 15,000 masks for members of their community.

Not only is that beyond impressive as it is, Mike has continued efforts to provide for his community by sourcing hundreds of coats, hats, gloves, and scarves that he not only hands out at his office, but forwards onto local shelters, as well. All together, Champaign County has seen a wave of charitable work from citizens and county staff alike, with residents offering their materials, sewing machines, and more to the cause. Additionally, Mike’s wife sought an alternate solution to masks that required elastic. As masks became more and more necessary, elastic became scarcer. Thanks to the efforts of Mike and his wife, the new masks that featured a tie-behind-the-head design, were uploaded to the internet and shared not only nationally, but globally. Champaign County citizens, and their Recorder, continue to shine a bright light on what can be accomplished when you work together to solve problems.

“I occupy a very lucky space in that I have solid reach that I can use to be able to help people in our community. I’m proud of the work local residents have put forth in helping to provide masks, coats, gloves, and more, to be distributed to local shelters, nursing homes, schools, and others. We still get requests regularly, and I look forward to our continued efforts to satisfy these needs.”
-Mike Ingram, Champaign County, IL, Recorder