goodDeeds • April 2021

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight the DeKalb County Recorder Leta Hullinger and all she’s doing for her local Sunny Meadows Residential Home.

Sunny Meadows is a County Home for individuals who need assistance with some of their daily needs and help out the community by working at a non-profit for people who have developmental challenges.

For years, the county had been taking item donations for the residents. But, in November 2019, Leta knew they could do even more and started the “Giving from the Heart” program to help provide donations and events for the residents. When she became the DeKalb County Recorder in January, she worked with other county employees to start a collection and provide a Valentine’s Day Dinner for the facility.

“The Valentine’s Day dinner was a huge success. In fact, we received enough donations to provide them with Easter Dinner, complete with homemade pie and their very own Easter surprise. Both of these events were done under ‘Giving from the Heart’. I am so proud of our County in stepping up to provide for our residents at Sunny Meadows.”
-Leta Hullinger, DeKalb County IN, Recorder

Thanks to Leta and the DeKalb County employees for their efforts and donations to this important cause.