The Missouri Fidlar eByte – March 2018

Audrain and Jefferson County Expand Community Outreach service

  • Community Outreach – increase value to constituent
  • Property Fraud Alert delivers prompt notification
  • Data hacks keep property fraud prevalent
  • Honor Rewards – a valuable service for those who served
  • Fidlar provides material to assist with service promotion

Fidlar is pleased to offer Community Outreach services and programs that broadens the services made available to constituents by the Recorder of Deeds Office. Property Fraud Alert (PFA) is a service that gives property owners an advantageous position against fraudsters. Whenever there is recording activity associated with their name, whether it be a fraudulent deed, a lien on their property, or a legitimate document – PFA will give notification to the subscriber. This notification provides the lawful owner the opportunity to take appropriate action if necessary.

PFA provides an invaluable service that serves a necessary purpose, which is needed now more than ever. As major data hacks continue to expose property owners’ personal information, property fraud is able to remain prevalent. Other service providers such as TitleLock is a paid service to the consumer that provides a similar but lesser service than PFA, which can be made available, for free to your constituents.

Another of our community outreach programs provides a valuable service to those who served us. Honor Rewards is a rewards program that allows veterans to sign-up to receive their Honor Rewards card, which grants the veteran discounts and benefits at local participating retailers, restaurants, and businesses. Veterans not only gain discounts from local businesses, but will benefit from having their DD-214s recorded by the local Recorder of Deeds Office.

Honor Rewards allows local participating businesses to provide veterans with discounted benefits and services. Offering Honor Rewards throughout the community and the county will prompt individuals to record their important military documents, permitting for replacement of these documents to the veteran or the veteran’s family if the original was ever lost.

We want to do our best to assist your office with the promoting of Community Outreach services such as  Property Fraud Alert and Honor Rewards. Which is why Fidlar provides materials to help with launching these services into each participating county. These services can greatly increase the value delivered to the public and can be utilized regardless of what software vendor is used by your office.



“Whenever individuals are in the office to sign up for Property Fraud Alert, I do my best to explain the service so they understand what PFA is and what it means for them. I’ve been able to speak on more than one occasion where I presented scenarios that show the audience how easy and effortless it is for someone to commit fraud against them. We’ve had family members subscribe on behalf of individuals who are under assisted living care, to make sure that their loved ones best interests are protected. I’m more than happy to offer the PFA service free in my office.” – Janis Deimeke, Audrain County Recorder of Deeds

“A veteran informed me that he had saved $400 on dental work by putting his Honor Rewards card to use. Another individual told me that once he had signed up and was waiting for his Honor Rewards ID card, he had gone through the local participating business list and had $150 of savings lined up, because of this program!” – Debbie Dunnegan-Waters, Jefferson County Recorder of Deeds