The Wisconsin Fidlar eByte – August 2019

  • Adams County continues to benefit from the utilities Anchor provides [Adams County Register of Deeds, Jodi Helgeson, and her staff are very happy with the work they accomplish with the help of Anchor and Fidlar Technologies.]
  • Adams County seeks to maintain integrity of their county index [Maintaining a high level of quality information, and accuracy of that information, remains a top priority for Adams County officials. If issues arise, Anchor alerts them promptly.]
  • Anchor verifies, creates, and notifies – all from one program [Anchor provides valuable service to county offices, verifying documents as they are entered, creating subdivisions with legal parameters, and more.]

Fidlar Technologies is eager to feature the hard work that Jodi Helgeson, Adams County Register of Deeds, and her staff continue to put forth each and every day. Recording documents involves many details and requires proper focus and attention be given to many forms and documents. With the help of tools like Anchor and the support from Fidlar Technologies, counties like Adams County have seen fantastic success and a continued increase in productivity.

Jodi Helgeson and her staff love Anchor. Accurately recording county documents is a task they take pride in and, with the help of the indexing assistance Anchor provides, it has never been easier. When county constituents submit a document for recording, verifying that the data is accurate can be a time-consuming task, but Jodi and her staff speed through it with Anchor’s ability to denote documents as valid, invalid, out of range, or unvalidated. Additionally, the amount of time the county has to spend creating subdivisions has been greatly reduced thanks to Anchor. Daily tasks have become more accurate, easier to approach, and quicker to finalize with the help of Anchor and Fidlar Technologies.

Anchor was created internally by Fidlar Technologies developers with the express purpose of helping county officials to define, manage, and validate legal parameters with higher accuracy and rates of success. Anchor grants staff members the ability to verify the validity of a document’s legal parameters quickly and easily. Anchor also allows for new subdivision and survey maps to be created and defined with valid ranges via an interface that is efficient and user-friendly. If Anchor notices anything is submitted or labeled incorrectly, counties are notified automatically. Once such a notification is received, county staff can apply changes or have Anchor contact the submitter via email, informing them that they can resubmit the correct documents to be processed. Increase the integrity of your daily routine with the help of Anchor and Fidlar Technologies.

“We’ve been using Anchor and AVID for years and we are very happy with the products. When we started, Anchor really helped us clean up our index and has helped us maintain the integrity of our index since then. Whenever we have issues, I know the Fidlar support staff can help to promptly resolve them.
-Jodi Helgeson, Adams County Register of Deeds

Want to learn more about how Anchor can help verify the integrity of your index? Contact Scott Moore at for additional information.