The Indiana Fidlar eByte: February 2017

We are excited to announce that the Allen County Recorder’s Office has fully integrated our assisted-indexing technology, iNSPECT, with AVIDiNSPECT reads the document in process and presents key index data to the user to be validated for indexing. Since iNSPECT recognizes the data for the user instead of the user having to manually process the data, the chances of human error is greatly diminished.

Utilizing tools that promote accuracy and validity will ultimately allow for cleaner data and a cleaner repository. By utilizing iNSPECT, Allen County has increased the accessibility and usability of records for their constituents and other county offices within the courthouse.



“We are extremely pleased with iNSPECT. Once we had iNSPECT installed, our office noticed a reduction in the errors found in audit. It assists us with keeping consistency with indexing, especially when using it in conjunction with IRIS. Our indexing speed has increased, and everyone benefits when we are able to process our documents faster. We appreciate the lengths that Fidlar has taken to make our jobs easier. They are truly forward thinkers!”  – Anita Mather, Allen County Recorder