The Indiana Fidlar eByte: August 2017


Fidlar is pleased to offer Community Outreach services and programs that enhance the range of resources that the Recorder’s Office provides to constituents. Honor Rewards is a rewards program that allows veterans to sign-up to receive their Honor Rewards card, which grants the veteran discounts and benefits at local participating retailers, restaurants, and businesses. Veterans not only gain discounts from local businesses, but will benefit from having their DD-214s recorded by the local Recorder’s Office.

Honor Rewards allows local participating retailers, restaurants and other businesses to provide veterans with discounted benefits and services. Offering Honor Rewards throughout the community and the county will prompt individuals to record their important military documents, allowing them to be replaced if the original was ever lost. We are proud to share the experiences of our County Partners and to inform others of how they promote their services to constituents, this unique program can be utilized regardless of what software vendor is used by your office.



“We’ve walked our banner in the Fort Wayne Memorial Day Parade for the last three years. We distributed Honor Rewards cards and flyers to inform parade goers that they could sign up or inform family and friends of the service. I’m very happy to participate and provide something that can continue to recognize the efforts and sacrifices of service men and women throughout the year. We proudly offer it to veterans in our county.” – Anita Mather, Allen County Recorder