The New England Fidlar eByte: May 2016


SWIFT is a module that is integrated with the AVID land records management software solution. Paper submitted documents are returned electronically to the appropriate recipients via email after being accepted by the county. SWIFT allows for compliance with regulations set forth by TRID, as timely notification of a recorded document is given along with the ability to easily track a document’s processing status.

In an effort to help educate county offices, we have created an informational document that takes a closer look at how the TRID regulations affect Register of Deeds Offices. For more information on this document, please contact your Territory Manager, Andy Horsfall.



“Lenders in Dane County really enjoy SWIFT, particularly for the fact that it results in a smoother workflow. Instead of having to rely on receiving paper documents via mail, they are able to simply transfer the image we send into their borrower’s file. SWIFT benefits both my office and the lenders. It saves everyone time and money, along with providing greater efficiencies to all involved.” – Kristi Chlebowski, Dane County Register of Deeds, Wisconsin