The Minnesota Fidlar eByte – March 2018

Blue Earth County Delivers Increased Value to the Public

  • AVID with iNSPECT increases data consistency
  • Increased Consistency = Increased Confidence
  • Fast document return with SWIFT
  • Tools increase the value delivered to public

Fidlar is proud to offer tools that are essential to the land document recording industry – our dedication is unwavering to the local government land recording office. Through our premier land recording software system, AVID, Powered by iNSPECT, Fidlar can assist with increasing the abilities of every user. Developed to serve as an assisted-indexing tool, iNSPECT increases recording accuracy while decreasing the chances of typographical error. When applied, iNSPECT boosts the ability to maintain consistency within the indexed data. In turn, searchers will gain confidence that they will find the data they seek in the official repository.

Along with iNSPECT, modular features like SWIFT, integrate with AVID to increase user functions within the office workflow. SWIFT enables recorded documents to be returned electronically after accepting an entire transaction to the appropriate recipients via email as a PDF. Submitters are quickly notified of a document’s rejected or recorded status. This service improves delivery speed of both the recording office as well as the submitter – which will accommodate regulations set forth by TRID.

Our intention is to offer the best products and services so that our County Partners can keep advancing. As a software vendor,

Fidlar strives to elevate the value a recording office can deliver to their public.



“Since becoming Director of Taxpayer Services, it has been gratifying to see how Fidlar operates and to see how vested they are with the recording office. We’ve utilized a lot of the tools they’ve developed which all have a distinct purpose – to ultimately increase the benefits we can offer our public. Having iNSPECT with AVID has assisted us to increase the consistency of our indexed data, which allows our searchers to be more confident that they will find what they need.” – Michael Stalberger, Blue Earth County Director of Taxpayer Services