The Illinois Fidlar eByte – February 2019

  • Transition to AVID updates office technology [Recorder’s Office advances public service with increased efficiencies of software workflow]
  • AVID integrates multiple major recording functions [County recording system consolidated into one all-encompassing workflow]
  • Balancing reports simplify daily procedures [Automated and streamlined reporting allows for quicker completion of daily balances]
  • Modular services further expand recording services [AVID integrates additional modular products – increasing options to the constituent]

Fidlar Technologies is pleased to announce that DuPage County has fully transitioned to our land records management system, AVIDPowered By iNSPECT. The Fidlar Launch Team put numerous moving parts in place to make sure that the Recorder’s Office staff were properly and adequately trained to process documents and eRecordings within their office. The collaborative efforts to train and transition DuPage County to AVID was shared by Erin Williams, Danielle Westerfield, Brian Haan and TJ Lenninger; along with numerous other Fidlar associates.

DuPage County Recorder Fred Bucholz will be able to make improvements to the office workflow and streamline office procedures with AVID Powered by iNSPECT. Balancing, which had previously been time-intensive, will now be drastically streamlined using Balancing Reports to account for transactions. Staff members will be able to increase data integrity and accuracy through integrated audit functions within AVID.

The AVID transition also enabled DuPage County to implement Monarch. Monarch provides an automated transfer of data and image delivery to the customer. The traditional processes previously required to complete this type of transfer are no longer required. An “On-Demand” Monarch user can obtain key documentation from the Recorder’s Office whenever necessary while still maintaining that the Recorder’s Office is the true keeper of the Official Public Record.

“The DuPage County Recorder’s Office is pleased to have made our full migration to AVID. To get the entire office transitioned was a large undertaking. But through the collaborative efforts of Fidlar and our office – we were able to get the DuPage County staff entirely cross trained in all aspects of document recording. This was one of the key goals of the project. Additionally, AVID has streamlined a number of our tasks. Our turnaround time is shorter, we spend less time auditing, and our eRecording volume has seen a consistent increase since our AVID live day.” – Fred Bucholz, DuPage County Recorder