The Arkansas Fidlar eByte – November 2019

  • Lincoln County staff, both new and veteran users, find recording easy with AVID.
  • AVID simplifies and streamlines many aspects of recording with improved search, back indexing, imaging, and more.

We love how easy AVID is to use!

Fidlar Technologies is happy to bring much-deserved attention to Lincoln County, where staff is proving that users of all experience levels – whether veteran or new – can benefit from the tools and utility of AVID and iNSPECT. Cindy Glover, Lincoln County Clerk, has been taking full advantage of the AVID LifeCycles package, putting AVID and it’s modules, such as Anchor, to good use to benefit her county citizens. While Cindy has had plenty of experience putting AVID to work, a new employee has had to learn the ropes from the Lincoln County AVID veterans.

Graphic: Arkansas Counties with AVID (a list of 28 counties!)

AVID boasts many useful features, including a vast array of efficient hotkeys. Click HERE to view a list of the various ways AVID’s many hotkeys can simplify your workload.

Cindy has guided Paige, their newest employee who just began working for the Lincoln County Clerk’s office in October, through the various aspects of AVID, teaching her along the way. Paige has proven to be a quick learner, gaining an impressive level of mastery with the system in just one short month. Mark Lystiuk, Fidlar Technologies’ Arkansas Partner Relationship Manager, extolled the work Paige has put in, commenting that Paige represents a perfect example of how AVID is easily approached even by newer generations of users. AVID‘s many useful functions, including improved searches, imaging, indexing, and more, create a vastly improved and streamlined workflow for county offices like Lincoln County. Cindy, Paige, and the rest of the Lincoln County Clerk’s office continue to shine as a terrific example of what can be accomplished with AVID and Fidlar Technologies by their side.

“We love how easy AVID is to use! The biggest plus is how many fewer phone calls we have to field each day. Training Paige has been very easy and she has caught on extremely quickly! If she needs any help with something, it’s very easy to walk her through it and she’ll be on her way.”
-Cindy Glover, Lincoln County Circuit Clerk

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