The Wisconsin Fidlar eByte: April 2017

We are excited to announce that the Eau Claire County Recorder’s Office has fully integrated our assisted-indexing technology, iNSPECT, with AVID! iNSPECT reads the document in process and presents key index data to the user to be validated for indexing. Since iNSPECT recognizes the data for the user instead of the user having to manually process the data, the chances of human error is greatly diminished.

Utilizing tools that promote accuracy and validity will ultimately allow for cleaner data and a cleaner repository. By utilizing iNSPECT, Eau Claire County has increased the accessibility and usability of records for their constituents and other county offices within the courthouse.


“We transitioned with iNSPECT in October of last year, and it has been a tremendous help in the office. We’ve been able to offer a twenty-four hour turnaround service in Eau Claire County for quite some time. It’s what our regular customers have come to expect, but when we lost two staff members it took a toll on our ability to maintain that workflow. But due to the fact that we had iNSPECT at our disposal, we were able to still work quickly and keep our data integrity strong as we processed. iNSPECT has been huge for my office and I’m grateful to Fidlar for each and every one of the features and functions they create to make our jobs better!” – Cappy Christenson, Eau Claire County Register of Deeds