The Kansas Fidlar eByte: July 2017


We are proud to inform you that Leavenworth County has reached higher performance levels with AVID, powered by iNSPECT. Combined with the integrated processing abilities of AVID, iNSPECT assists land recording offices to process their constituents’ documents with increased accuracy, consistency, and validity. AVID completes an array of powerful functions that enhance both the user’s experience and their ability to manage the Official Public Record.

Specialized products like AVID powered by iNSPECT are developed by Fidlar and maintained internally, reducing extraneous annual maintenance fees to your office. Essential features like eRecording, imaging, and back-indexing capabilities are integrated within a singular system to maximize the capabilities of our partners. As a software provider, Fidlar Technologies remains dedicated exclusively to the Register of Deeds Office.



“Using iNSPECT while processing is very helpful. The software has played a big role with increasing my indexing accuracy. I like how the data is highlighted and presented to you, it’s very unique and helps in a big way – it is the total package! I’m glad that we have iNSPECT in the office and that it is part of the day-to-day workflow.” – Melissa Peters, Leavenworth County Chief Deputy