The Kansas Fidlar eByte: February 2016


We are excited to announce that the Shawnee County Register of Deed’s Office is now using and finding invaluable features within AVID Search daily. Fidlar understands the need to retrieve recorded information more efficiently within the Register’s Office. The solution was developed and delivered: AVID Search. The tool is integrated within AVID and allows users to search their entire database quickly and conveniently via a single entry field. It also possesses a variety of filters to generate more accurate results. AVID Search not only obtains results for the inquiry, but also provides the searcher with associated documents numbers, transaction history and returned to information.



eByteKSShawnee“We are very pleased with the new AVID Search; it is convenient since the tool is right there at our fingertips. Search is built into AVID, so once we are logged in we can utilize it whenever we need it. Search also helps us assist customers more quickly too. With the new email option, sending documents is so easy. When we’ve got phone-in customers, they are able to receive the document while we are on the line together. It lets us confirm that the document was received. Customers are very happy with our service!” – Becky Nioce, Shawnee County Register of Deeds