The Fidlar New Hampshire eByte, January 2016

We are excited to announce that the Sagadahoc County Registrar’s Office has been using and finding invaluable uses for the new AVID Search within AVID. The AVID land records management system has proven to reduce paper shuffle, enhance data integrity, and track performance, allowing land records offices to maximize their efficiency. The development of AVID Search came from the Register of Deeds’ need to retrieve recorded information more efficiently. AVID Search allows users to search their entire database quickly and conveniently via a single entry field and possesses a variety of filters to narrow down the results to just what the user is looking for. In addition to providing powerful search capabilities to the Register of Deeds, AVID Search provides critical information for every document such as associated document numbers, transaction history, and returned to information.


eByteHeadshotSagadahocMEAVID Search really lessens our need to take those extra steps we would need to take before. Like many other offices, we have the need to perform multiple functions with only two screens, so for us, we are able to switch in and out of Search without ever losing our place. It is so speedy and perfect for what we need. For instance, when we are prepping a document that has an associated doc that conflicts, we open Search, locate the associated doc, resolve the mismatch, and then complete the prepping. It’s simple.” – Lynn C. Moore, Sagadahoc County Registrar, Maine