The Michigan Fidlar eByte: February 2016


Register of Deeds Office has found great uses for AVID Search. AVID Search was developed to assist the office’s need to retrieve recorded information more efficiently. Instant data retrieval is now integrated within AVID, allowing office staff to search their entire database quickly and conveniently via a single entry field. It also possesses a variety of filters to generate more accurate results. AVID Search not only obtains results for the inquiry, but also provides the searcher with associated document numbers, transaction histories and returned to information.



eByteHeadshotMILivingston“My staff has found many incredibly useful functions of AVID Search. The inclusion of AVID Search has created additional value for AVID within our office. A few of the things we’ve found to be of great use: the color coding of data, the ability to apply filters based on doc types, and the ease of which you are able to get in and out of the Search function. Another very nice aspect of Search is Document Discovery. It’s a great way to view a document’s historical components such as the return-to address, as well as the transaction number associated with the document.” – Sally Reynolds, Livingston County Register of Deeds