The Kansas Fidlar eByte – August 2019

  • Ford County loves back indexing provided by AVID and iNSPECT [Ford County, happy with the services and utilities provided by AVID and iNSPECt, experiences great success utilizing iNSPECT’s back indexing.]
  • Fidlar Technologies Customer Support a Shining Star for Ford County [Ford County utilizes the Fidlar Technologies support services whenever they need assistance, and are happy to do so with the service they receive.]
  • iNSPECT provides assisted-indexing technology that focuses on precision and accuracy in data [iNSPECT provides utilities that allow staff members to focus more time on verifying data rather than entering data.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight Ford County, where Brenda Pogue, Register of Deeds, and her staff are utilizing the tools and utilities provided by iNSPECT with impressive success. iNSPECT has helped Ford County accomplish tasks with more accuracy, reducing the concern of human error when entering data. With iNSPECT by their side, Ford County staff members have been data validators rather than data enterers, successfully back indexing 15-20 years’ worth of records. Guaranteeing that county records and data are more accurate than ever, iNSPECT provides a service that provides ease-of-use and accessibility for counties of all shapes and sizes.

While Brenda and her staff have been having a terrific experience with iNSPECT thus far, sometimes issues arise that call for a special hand – so they turn to Fidlar Technologies’ support staff. Ready and available at a county’s need, the Fidlar support staff is willing and able to help with any issues a county may be facing. Brenda and her staff have worked with the Fidlar support time and again and have a list of positive experiences to look back on. Guaranteeing the success of a county’s usage of a Fidlar Technologies program is the top concern for the team, and Ford County has loved the encounters they have shared so far. Quality assistance is key to the business style Fidlar Technologies looks to provide for partner counties, and Ford County is a prime example of a blossoming symbiotic relationship.

Built internally by Fidlar developers, iNSPECT was designed from the ground up to handle document types and index fields handled by the Register of Deed’s Office. Our team of experienced programmers were able to take years of knowledge in the land records world to build an assisted-indexing product catered to our county partners. iNSPECT’s ability to help transform data entry into validation streamlines the document recording procedures immeasurably, creating an easier-to-use, easier-to-approach workflow. Ford County perfectly highlights the quality progress counties can hope for while utilizing iNSPECT and the Fidlar Technologies support staff.

“Back indexing has been a big project, but with the help of Mark Lystiuk and the Fidlar Support Staff, we’ve gone from having documents back indexed from 2000 back to 1984 in a variety of areas! I love the features of iNSPECT that help me accomplish my work, and the support staff has always helped us resolve any issues within minutes.”
-Brenda Pogue, Ford County Register of Deeds

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