The Ohio Fidlar eByte – July 2019

  • Scioto County signs on and gets set up with ease [With the help of Tom Poston, Information Technology Specialist, and the Fidlar Technologies Support Staff, Scioto County sets up Bastion quickly and easily.]
  • Bastion provides a universally-important service to counties [Counties of all sizes are targets for cyber crimes and Bastion is designed to protect valuable data and records if disaster strikes. Don’t miss a step with Bastion’s hosted infrastructure.]
  • Remain vigilant and proactive with the help of Bastion [The next, highly-evolved cyber threat is right around every corner in this day and age. Being proactive, and kicking reactive to the curb, can keep your county safe.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight Scioto County and their preparedness and forward-thinking mentality. Signing on for Bastion with Fidlar Technologies provides Scioto County, and their constituents, with high-level security and safety for their recorded documents. With the help of the stellar staff at Fidlar Technologies, Scioto County was up and running quickly and immediately protected in case disaster struck. Digital preparedness is a commodity growing in importance in this day and age, and Bastion provides a valuable service for all counties, no matter their size or document volume.

Gail Alley, Scioto County Recorder, began her tenure of digital security with Bastion at the end of March 2019. In that period of time, the county has fortunately avoided any form of cyber attack – a fortune that every county hopes for. However, that knowledge was not enough for her. Her mentality of being proactive, rather than reactive, led her to Bastion and the services it provides. Cyber threats are growing and adapting, evolving into more and more dangerous forms than ever before, and counties like Scioto County that do what they can to stay ahead of the curve are counties that are valuing their citizens’ documents properly.

Bastion provides a hosted production environment, granting counties the access and accessibility of having AVID at their fingertips, without having AVID on their office computers. Housed on protected, off-site servers, a county’s records are preserved and fortified in a way that only Bastion can provide. In addition to the added security and peace of mind, an office can reduce licensing fees, costs of large hardware, and more, simply by securing their documents with Fidlar Technologies and Bastion. The only requirement for Bastion is a simple one- a user workstation with adequate internet access and the appropriate peripherals. Stay ahead, stay afloat, and consider the utility and security that Bastion provides and what that can do for your office.

“We signed on with Bastion earlier this year and working with Fidlar Technologies throughout the setup process has been great. Tom, Greg, and the Fidlar support staff have been great the whole way. We decided we’d rather be proactive than reactive and safeguard ourselves against the growing level of cyber threats in the world. Signing on with Bastion has set us all at ease.”

-Gail Alley
Scioto County Recorder

Want to learn more about how Bastion can protect your recorded documents? Click HERE or contact Greg Bachman at for additional information.