The Minnesota Fidlar eByte – July 2019

  • Bastion’s many utilities benefit counties across Minnesota [Bastion provides many things for counties, including cybersecurity services and low maintenance off-site servers.]
  • County officials praise Bastion and its usefulness [Grant County, Murray County, and Pope County officials rely on Bastion and the peace-of-mind it provides.]
  • Grant, Murray, and Pope Counties stay safe in the face of growing cybersecurity threats [As technology advances, so does cyber crime. With Bastion on their side, Grant, Murray, and Pope Counties rest easy knowing their county data is protected.]

Fidlar Technologies is excited to feature three counties in Minnesota that employ the utility and safety of Bastion’s hosted infrastructure. As the world moves ever-forward into an advancing technological era, cyber crimes adapt and evolve at an even pace. Disaster can strike at any time, with or without warning, and such events can send counties, governments, and citizens reeling. However, in Grant County, Murray County, and Pope County, constituents and officials rest easy with Bastion at their side.

Diann Giese, Grant County Recorder, acknowledges the constant threat of cyber crime that their county could be faced with every day. Knowing that it may be impossible to avoid, she decided to do what was best for her county constituents and safeguard their data with Bastion. Evey Larson, Murray County Recorder, calls Bastion a safety blanket unlike any other, providing server stability alongside data security that puts her county at ease. Sarah Green, Recorder and Registrar of Deeds in Pope County, appreciates the increased efficiency that her office enjoys from the services Bastion provides. Protecting your data and your constituents has never been more important and doing so properly can save your county time, effort, and money.

Bastion provides a hosted production environment, granting counties the access and accessibility of having their data at their fingertips without having the records store in-office. Housed on protected, off-site servers, a county’s records are preserved and fortified in a way that only Bastion can provide. In addition to the added security and peace of mind, an office can reduce licensing fees, costs of large hardware, and more, simply by securing their documents with Fidlar Technologies and Bastion. The only requirement for Bastion is a workstation with adequate internet access and the appropriate peripherals. Emulate Grant, Murray, and Pope Counties and protect records with Bastion.

“The comfort in knowing that our documents are secure in the event of a catastrophe is beyond valuable. Our IT department backed our decision to go with Bastion because it’s not a matter of ‘if’, but rather ‘when’ cyber crime targets us. 19 months with Bastion and we’re happy with the service Fidlar provides.”
-Diann Giese, Grant County Recorder

“We’ve had Bastion for only 18 months, but the peace of mind it provides is great. It’s better to be prepared these days, and Bastion is an awesome security blanket. Our IT department was about to increase our server capacity as it was, and Bastion provided that service to us, as well.”
-Evey Larson, Murray County Recorder

“We’ve had Bastion for a couple years now and it’s been a great safety measure and efficiency booster. We wanted to upgrade our servers for AVID and Bastion provided that and simplified our day-to-day server use and maintenance. We’re glad to have the safety that Bastion provides.”
-Sarah Green, Pope County Recorder

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