The Wisconsin Fidlar eByte – September 2019

  • Bastion’s and Replication’s many utilities benefit counties across Wisconsin [Bastion provides many things for counties, including cybersecurity services and low maintenance off-site servers. Replication backs up local county data onto secured off-site servers, protecting it in case of disaster.]
  • County officials praise the usefulness of Bastion and Replication [Buffalo County and Ozaukee County officials rely on Bastion and Replication and the peace-of-mind the two programs provide.]
  • Buffalo and Ozaukee Counties stay safe in the face of growing cybersecurity threats [As technology advances, so does cyber crime. With Bastion and Replication on their side, Buffalo and Ozaukee Counties rest easy knowing their county data is protected.]

Fidlar Technologies is excited to feature two counties in Wisconsin that employ the utility and safety of Fidlar Technologies’ off-site server programs Bastion and Replication. As the world moves ever-forward into an advancing technological era, cyber crimes adapt and evolve at an even pace. Disaster can strike at any time, with or without warning, and such events can send counties, governments, and citizens reeling. However, in Buffalo County and Ozaukee County, constituents and officials rest easy with Bastion and Replication at their side.

Carol Burmeister, Buffalo County Register of Deeds, has had Bastion set up in her office since the very end of 2016. Bastion, a maintenance-free backup system, held true to its billing as Carol recalled the ease-of-use Bastion provides. Setup and installation was easy and guided by Fidlar Technologies staff every step of the way. Carol didn’t have a thing to worry about – and finds comfort in the knowledge that she still doesn’t. Ozaukee County, and Register of Deeds Ron Voigt, have had an easy go of it with Replication. When Ron was considering options to better protect his county and data, Replication stood out, offering a disaster recovery solution that outshone the alternatives. With the “set it and forget it” style of Replication, Ron hasn’t had a thing to worry about, and Ozaukee County will continue to feel that sense of comfort with Replication on their side.

Bastion provides a hosted production environment, granting counties the access and accessibility of having their data at their fingertips without having the records store in-office. Housed on protected, off-site servers, a county’s records are preserved and fortified in a way that only Bastion can provide. In addition to the added security and peace of mind, an office can reduce licensing fees, costs of large hardware, and more. Bastion is ideal for counties who want to host their data off-site without storing any documents on local servers.

Replication serves as the ideal disaster recovery solution, providing off-site servers that back up data stored locally. Protected in a Teclo-grade facility, county records backed up by Replication are valued properly and kept safe accordingly, with fail-safes designed to ensure that your data is safe. If your county office is offline, Replication recovers any lost land and vital records without hesitation, all while allowing searchers to continue their work with the replicated data. Replication is ideal for counties with on-site, local servers who want a disaster recovery solution that will back up their servers remotely. While counties must choose Bastion or Replication due to their off-site or on-site structures, respectively, both offer offices an unprecedented level of protection.

“We’ve had Bastion since late 2016 and it runs itself effortlessly. We haven’t had to think much about losing data or monitoring servers. It’s reassuring to know we’ll be up and running quickly should disaster ever strike, and research can continue without delay, thanks to Bastion!”
-Carol Burmeister, Buffalo County Register of Deeds

”We felt Fidlar Technologies and Replication provided a more secure option than the alternatives, and we’re happy with it thus far. We’ve had no issues and haven’t had to fall back on Replication yet, but we’re beyond glad to know we can if we need to.”
-Ron Voigt, Ozaukee County Register of Deeds