The Minnesota Fidlar eByte: November 2017


As a technology provider, Fidlar strives to assist each County Partner to ensure that their office is properly equipped and prepared to operate into the future. By implementing BASTION, the hosted server environment, the Official Public Record is fortified from the ever increasing threat of cyber-attacks. Ransomware and cyber criminals have pushed BASTION beyond its original intent to serve counties as a natural disaster recovery service. BASTION is now a safeguard to protect county data from every type of threat.

When the user processes data with AVID at the county office it is stored in two separate and secured remote locations, ensuring a safe and effective plan in the instance that county data was ever hacked. If the primary BASTION server environment were to be jeopardized, the backed up data will be able to get your office resuming activity within hours of the incident.



“With the Murray County Recorder’s Office working within the BASTION environment, we feel comfortable that public records, entrusted to us, will remain protected in nearly any, and all, circumstances. Additionally, being a hosted environment, Fidlar provides timely support to keep our workstations operating at peak efficiency.” – Jim Reinert, Murray County Information Technology Specialist