The Wisconsin Fidlar eByte – October 2018

Disaster Recovery Options – ROD Necessity

  • Disaster Recovery – a necessity against ALL threats
  • BASTION/Replication provides disaster recovery plan
  • Absolute back-up redundancy for recorded data
  • ROD retains function in county-wide infection

Fidlar is pleased to offer products and services that assist with advancing the abilities of the Register of Deeds Office. Our disaster recovery options, BASTION Application hosting service or Replication of your county based server, assist with increasing the degree of data security and disaster recovery preparedness for any possible scenario. To establish a surefire recovery plan against a disaster is now essential and has become necessary to ensure that the public record will remain protected. If your office is not properly prepared, the public record will be under a constant state of jeopardy.

Fidlar’s Replication service protects the ROD offices that have their own on-premises land records servers with a solution to fully recover all document images and the recorded index in the event of a disaster to the county based server. The Replication service works in real time with your on-premises based server so there is no human intervention needed. Images and data are stored off-site in a secured Telco-Grade facility. In the event of a disaster, or if a county based server is down due to maintenance, searchers can continue searching the replicated data even if an office has gone completely off-line.

BASTION Application hosting services undoubtedly ensures that recorded data will remain preserved. With BASTION, the county no longer needs to own servers and all the costs and maintenance that goes with it. The county is able to shift those costs and liability to Fidlar. With BASTION, not only are all Land Records images and data stored at a telco grade facility, but the entire application resides there. For added protection, the entire system is then backed up to a secondary location. Your office will have the peace-of-mind knowing that your county’s images and data will remain in a state that ensures a full and absolute recovery in the face of a disaster.

BASTION also provides the unique ability for the ROD Office to maintain recording function if the entire courthouse were ever to be infected by a cyber-attack. As data is processed with AVID, it is securely transferred and then stored within two separate remote locations. This infrastructure ensures a safe and effective plan in the instance that county data was ever hacked. If the primary BASTION server environment were to ever be jeopardized, the backed up data will be able to get your office resuming activity within hours of the incident.


“I’m happy to have secured control over my office and the records we manage against outside elements. To protect and have authority over the county record is the duty of the Register of Deeds, so securing our digital repository with BASTION was a measure we took to keep our digital records protected. I imagine that every office would not want to potentially lose their entire recorded repository, so taking up with a hosted environment can help prevent that from happening.” – Heather Kuhn, Dunn County Register of Deeds