The Minnesota Fidlar eByte: March 2016


We are proud to announce that the Big Stone County Recorder’s Office has implemented Fidlar’s Replication services. The service allows for the Official Public Record to be stored off-site in a secured Telco-Grade facility. In the event of an unrecoverable disaster, this data can be used to get the office going again. Additionally, constituents utilizing search tools such as Laredo and Tapestry will access this replicated data which alleviates the usage of a county’s internal servers. Replication ensures that the Official Public Record remains searchable even in the event of a disaster at the county.


“We were backing up documents onto Big Stone County servers that were physically located outside of the courthouse, but I wanted them to be backed up outside of the immediate area. This was accomplished with Replication. Another great benefit is that the traffic on our servers becomes diminished since remote searchers will pull documents from Fidlar’s servers instead of ours. I get a daily report that informs me of how many documents and how many pages were replicated on a certain date. Best of all, there is the assurance that if a catastrophe should occur here, our documents are safe and protected by Fidlar.” – Elaine Martig, Big Stone County Recorder and Office of Vital Statistics