The Minnesota Fidlar eByte – October 2019

  • Blue Earth County sees value in keeping their county data secure with Bastion [Understanding the risks inherent of modern technology, Director of Property and Environmental Resources Michael Stalberger chose Bastion to protect his county.]
  • Bastion provides Blue Earth County with reliability and hardware upgrades [The reliable access Bastion provides counties, along with the upgrade Blue Earth County receives to internal servers, made the choice an easy one for Michael.]
  • Bastion protects county records when faced with hackers, phishing, and other cyber security threats [As technology advances and evolves, so too does the risk of cyber attacks. If a form of cyber attack strikes a county, Bastion is there to help them recover.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight Blue Earth County, where important steps are being taken to properly protect the county records. Director of Property and Environmental Resources, Michael Stalberger, has set in motion a plan to launch Bastion, a hosted production environment designed to safeguard constituents’ data and records. With plans to go live in 2020, Michael has shown a commitment to his citizens and their data in an age where cyber security threats loom around every corner, growing and evolving with every passed day. When considering the value and importance of county records, it is no surprise that Blue Earth County is making moves to ensure the safety and continued importance of that data.

When Michael and the Blue Earth County office began considering their options, they examined a list of important criteria, including hardware upgrades, continued and improved accessibility, and more. Bastion aligned with their desires, offering unmatched utility and protection. Not only will Bastion guarantee safeguarding of the Blue Earth County records, but it provides the county office with enhancements to their internal servers, resolving the need they faced for new upgrades. If catastrophe were to strike the Blue Earth County office, they could rest easily knowing that a simple internet connection, on an appropriate workstation, would grant them continued access to their county records, ensuring that any records-based economic proceedings could continue unhindered. Blue Earth County looks towards a fully-supported installation of Bastion in 2020, where Fidlar Technologies staff and support will be there to assist with every question and issue they may face in the process and beyond.

Bastion provides a hosted production environment, granting counties the access and accessibility of having their data at their fingertips without having the records stored in-office. Housed on protected, off-site servers, a county’s records are preserved and fortified in a way that only Bastion can provide. In addition to the added security and peace of mind, an office can reduce licensing fees, costs of large hardware, and more. Bastion is ideal for counties who want to host their data off-site without storing any documents on local servers.

“We found value in the added security Bastion provides to the preservation of the record with off-site servers. We also appreciated the reliability of access and the support we know we will receive when utilizing Bastion.”

-Michael Stalberger, Blue Earth County Director of Property and Environmental Resources

Want to learn more about how Bastion can protect your citizens’ data and records? Contact Scott Moore at for additional information.