The Michigan Fidlar eByte – September 2019

  • Branch County Register of Deeds sought better understanding of ROD work for constituents [With help from Fidlar Technologies’ Vice President of Sales, Scott Moore, Branch County Register of Deeds Nancy Hutchins and Scott presented info on what makes the Register of Deeds office important.]
  • Register of Deeds defines collateral, acts as the backbone of real estate [Without Register of Deeds offices, banks and mortgage lenders wouldn’t be able to provide citizens with loans and property.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight Branch County and the commitment Nancy Hutchins, Register of Deeds, continues to show to her county and her constituents. Register of Deeds offices provide immeasurable value to counties across the nation, serving as the backbone of real estate and property workings. Without the utility provided by offices like Nancy’s, real estate companies and mortgage bankers would not provide county citizens with loans for homes. Register of Deeds offices define collateral for counties, ensuring that real estate transactions and history can continue uninterrupted.

Nancy Hutchins, committed to providing the best to her county residents, felt that the full context of her office and what they provide was not being fully grasped by her county. After reaching out to Scott Moore, Vice President of Sales at Fidlar Technologies, the two came to the conclusion that an education day of sorts would drive home the message and value of what the Register of Deeds office provides. The true and full scope of what these offices and officials provide is an important thing for counties to appreciate, as the value of this service has only grown over time.

Scott presented a litany of reasons why, and how, local Register of Deeds offices provide significant utility to their counties. With a room full of attentive attendees, Scott covered many topics, extensively outlining the many services these offices provide. Register of Deeds offices are the source for land and vitals records that many entities rely on for normal, day-to-day business. Without these offices and officials defining what collateral is, real estate management and sales would falter and fail. After the session concluded, Scott received word from members of the audience that they now had a better understanding of what the Branch County Register of Deeds provides. Education is an important tool for any county, and Fidlar Technologies is ready to provide any help possible.