The Illinois Fidlar eByte – November 2019

  • Bureau County launches APEX, modernizing vitals recording
  • County staff and residents enjoy improved convenience and utility with APEX

“Fidlar’s support is ready to help us out whenever we need”

Fidlar Technologies is proud to feature Bureau County as they blaze a trail in Illinois, offering county constituents the new APEX vitals recording software. Sarah Larsen, Chief Deputy for Vitals of Bureau County, has extolled the usefulness of APEX for her and her citizens. Bureau County citizens can now begin their application processes at home, from any internet-connected device, reducing the counter time required for staff and constituent alike.

Illinois Counties Boone, Douglas, Lee, Mercer, Union, and Whiteside have all signed on for APEX.

Click HERE to see learn more about how APEX offers an adaptable, brandable, digital, and personal solution vitals recording.

Bureau County has become the first county in Illinois to go live with APEX, providing their county citizens with unmatched convenience and approachability. With APEX, counties can offer their constituents a guided, step-by-step application that reduces the chance for human error and minimizes time spent at the counter for all parties. Citizens can access this application process from anywhere, on any internet-connected device, streamlining the application and reducing the amount of effort Bureau County staff has to put into the application process themselves. These fields are fully editable and configurable to match Bureau County’s needs and desires, creating a more personalized approach to vitals recording.

Statistics have shown that branding is critical to future growth and loyalty, and APEX is designed to help build that bond between official and constituent. Branding opportunities available in APEX provide county officials the opportunity to grow that connection between themselves and their constituents, helping citizens associate quality and convenience with county officials. APEX has been providing Bureau County with elite service and opportunity that has helped their office, and citizens, take the next step in modern vitals recording.

“We just went live with APEX in October and it’s going well so far. Customers being able to start the process at home and the new scanning capabilities are fabulous. I absolutely love the ease of use APEX provides!”
-Sarah Larsen, Bureau County Chief Deputy for Vitals

Want to learn more about how APEX can modernize vitals recording for your county? Contact Greg Bachman at for additional information.