The Maine Fidlar eByte: October 2016


We are proud to inform you that the Carroll County Register of Deeds Office has enabled stronger searching capabilities to their constituents with Tapestry. Tapestry is a simple and convenient tool that gives constituents the ability to remotely search the Official Public Record. The web-based service offers 24 x 7, pay-as-you-go access which provides total flexibility in regards to the time constraints of your searchers’ needs. By implementing Tapestry, Carroll County has made the public record more accessible on both the local and national levels.



“I feel that Tapestry is a great offering to the searchers of Carroll County. I like the fact that it allows the public to view records directly over the Internet. Not only do folks see the actual recorded document, but they can also print copies of pertinent pages of the document that they require. Tapestry usage is easy to monitor in-house and I am overall impressed with how easy the program is to utilize.” – Lisa Scott, Carroll County Register of Deeds, New Hampshire