The Fidlar Kansas eByte, January 2016


New regulations established by CFPB-TRID has encouraged lenders and submitters to push their states to adopt a set, flat fee for recording document. This is due in part to a greater priority being set on delivering accurate recording fee amounts to customers before closings. Any discrepancies could delay the closing or cost the lender $1,000’s in fines.


In 2010, Wisconsin Counties established their statewide flat fee for recording; where before there was a wide range in filing fees from county to county that changed based on document types, page counts and more. Once the Wisconsin legislation passed, Fidlar assisted each Wisconsin County Partner to correctly charge appropriate amounts to account for these changes and we would do the same again for our Kansas County Partners.



00eByteFORDKS“I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future, the CFPB-TRID will encourage or even lobby State Government and even the Federal Government to make it law that all states have the same filing fees. Establishing a flat fee could also resolve the issue of being short or long on finances. By gradually eliminating the Mortgage Registration fee, Kansas State Government has required a fee increase per page each year until 2017 to make up for the difference. However, if a flat fee is established as law or statue, we will follow with due diligence.” – Brenda Pogue, Ford County Recorder, Kansas