The Ohio Fidlar eByte: March 2016


In October of last year, CFPB-TRID established new regulations that greatly encouraged states to adopt a set, flat filing fee to record a document. The push for a flat fee adoption is reasoned by the requirements to deliver more accurate recording fees to the consumer before the event of a mortgage closing. Any discrepancies could delay the closing or cost the lender $1,000’s in fines.

In 2010, Wisconsin Counties established their statewide flat fee for recording; where before there was a wide range in filing fees from county to county that changed based on document types, page counts and more. Once the Wisconsin legislation passed, Fidlar assisted each Wisconsin County Partner to correctly charge appropriate amounts to account for these changes. In the instance that Ohio follows suit in adopting a flat fee, Fidlar will take the same measures for our Ohio County Partners.



“Discussions over the possibility of flat fees started in Ohio about a year ago. Initially I think there was some concern from some counties, especially smaller ones that are on shoestring budgets. The concern was that they couldn’t afford to lose any amount from their existing recording fees. But I think there might be more to gain from making such changes and establishing a flat fee. If costs were to become a predictable fixed amount, we could simplify the procedure for our submitters. Making the process more uniform, and thus easier for the public, would be a good reflection on the Recorder’s Office. I think we should consider what possibilities and benefits there are from establishing flat fees statewide, or at the very least, be open to hearing the pros and cons of such a change.” – Linda Oda, Warren County Recorder