The Illinois Fidlar eByte – July 2019

  • County recorder pushes for more efficient office workflow [As James Nelson enters a well-earned retirement and Jennifer Bankert takes the reins, pushes for increased efficiency in the workplace have never slowed.]
  • Fulton desires technological modernity with eRecording [With the ever-changing technological environment around us, Fulton’s desire to stay modern brings them further into the world of eRecording and AVID.]
  • AVID provides the pinnacle of eRecording capabilities [AVID is the definition of efficient document recording. Fidlar Technologies and AVID help Fulton County to reach for an ever-rising bar of efficiency in the workplace.]

Fidlar Technologies is happy to feature Fulton County, Illinois, and their goal to ease the document recording workflow. With James Nelson taking a well-deserved retirement, Jennifer Banker takes the reins of Fulton County Clerk and Recorder. eRecording with AVID helps Jennifer to maintain and progress technological standards in the Fulton County office, providing improved search functionalities, advanced index data entry, and more. Jennifer and her staff continue to explore and learn with AVID eRecording, entering a new age of efficiency.

Fulton County, home to 35,110 proud citizens, has embarked on the eRecording training process, learning more and more as they continue to take advantage of the features AVID eRecording provides. Advances in eRecording technology keep county offices ever-growing in efficiency and productivity, helping to enable a more streamlined workflow. As Fulton County continues to explore their partnership with Fidlar Technologies, everyday tasks will become easier and more efficient, reducing paperwork and man hours set aside for simpler tasks that AVID streamlines.

A few shorts months has seen Fulton County making impressive leaps and bounds in learning the eRecording process. Partnered with Fidlar Technologies and utilizing AVID since 2017, eRecording with AVID was the next step Fulton County wanted to take to advance their daily recording workflow. Providing modern conveniences like touchscreen accessibility, hotkeys for quick access, scheduled reports, back indexing, and more, AVID provides counties with the ultimate recording experience. Developed internally by programmers with decades of experience in the recording ecosystem, AVID continues to grow and adapt to an ever-changing digital landscape. Partners like Fulton County grow alongside AVID, creating a beneficial working relationship between the two.

“We’ve been using AVID since 2017 and starting eRecording seemed like the logical next step. We’re still learning the ropes, but eRecording with Fidlar Technologies is definitely the way to go. Danielle Westerfield, the Illinois Partnership Relationship Manager, has been absolutely awesome. We’re all very happy with AVID eRecording, Fidlar Technologies, and what we’ve been able to accomplish with them thus far.”

-Stacey Bunch
Fulton County Chief Deputy Recorder

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