The Michigan Fidlar eByte – July 2019

  • Clare County signs on for AVID, Apex, and Bastion with Fidlar Technologies [Clare County signs on for three valuable services from Fidlar Technologies, guaranteeing increased safety and efficiency.]
  • Enhanced services help Clare County to meet their goals [Clare County sets out to provide the finest services available to their county constituents, adapting to an ever-changing technological world.]
  • Bastion provides security and peace of mind to counties both big and small [With cybersecurity more important than ever before, Clare County chooses to be proactive and signs on for Bastion, safeguarding county records.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight Clare County and the significant changes the County Register of Deeds is making to their everyday workflow. Clare County, pushing for the latest, greatest, and most significant tools available to their constituents, has signed on for an array of Fidlar Technologies products including AVID, Apex, Bastion, and more. AVID, the premier land records management software, is design to provide a paperless workflow and a largely-increased level of workplace efficiency. Powered by iNSPECT, the leading assisted-indexing technology, AVID can help to promote precision and accuracy while recording documents and data. With an array of user-friendly features including back indexing, imaging, on-demand search tools, and much more, Clare County has gained a powerful utility in the eRecording world.

In addition to AVID and the other programs Clare County is adding to their arsenal of tools available to their citizens, Register of Deeds Lori Martin has also brought Apex and Bastion into the fold. Apex jump starts the vitals recording ecosystem, allowing for digital documentation of important files such as birth, marriage, and death licenses. Apex seeks to reduce valuable man hours spent on tedious paperwork, granting county residents the capability to begin the filing process from the comfort of their home. Compatible with desktops, tablets, and cell phones alike, Clare County streamlines the vitals recording process with the help of Fidlar Technologies and Apex.

Alongside Clare County’s addition of those two powerful tools comes their inclusion of Bastion, the ultimate document safeguarding system. Bastion provides counties with a hosted production environment, reducing the stress of maintaining documents on-site and eliminating the need for local servers. Bastion protects counties when disaster strikes, granting any office with an internet connection access to their county documents. Clare County has taken a large step towards streamlining their everyday workflow and their constituents will benefit right alongside them. As Clare County evolves into a more efficient workplace, Fidlar Technologies and the rest of the nation watch with excitement.

“We looked around for the right fit for our county, and we were very impressed by the level of security for our documents that Fidlar provides. I asked other counties about Fidlar and their customer service and was happy to hear what they had to say. It’s all very exciting to have these new programs at our beck and call, and I look forward to our partnership with Fidlar Technologies.”

-Lori Martin
Clare County Register of Deeds

Want to learn more about how AVID, Apex, and Bastion can benefit your county? Contact Greg Bachman at for additional information.