The Arkansas Fidlar eByte – January 2018

  • County comfortably transitions to AVID
  • AVID integrates multiple recording functions
  • County planning to implement additional services
  • Fidlar strives to promote the Circuit Clerk Office


Cleburne County has fully transitioned to our land records management system, AVID Powered By iNSPECT. The Fidlar Launch Team put numerous moving parts in place to make sure that the Circuit Clerk’s staff were properly and adequately trained to process documents and eRecordings within their office. Project Managers Raquel Posateri and Steve Ott were on-site during the LIVE week to ensure a completely smooth transition.

Circuit Clerk Heather Smith will be able to make improvements to the office workflow and streamline office procedures with AVID Powered by iNSPECT. Balancing, which had previously been time-intensive, will now be drastically streamlined using Balancing Reports to account for transactions. Staff members will be able to increase data integrity and accuracy through integrated audit functions within AVID.


Cleburne County has also put plans in place to utilize additional software and services to expand upon their presence with their constituents and the community. Integrating Monarch allows for data and/or images to be distributed securely and conveniently to users, automatically. Offering community outreach programs like Property Fraud Alert and Honor Rewards will also increase the value of the service the Circuit Clerk’s Office can provide. Fidlar’s experience with and longtime dedication to the Circuit Clerk’s Office permits that we continue to deliver innovative and robust tools to every partner.



“The expectations I had were definitely met when it came to Cleburne County making the transition to Fidlar. Each person from the Fidlar launch team just really went above and beyond – they kept us in the loop with every step of the way to our AVID switch. Everyone involved was very communicative in answering questions anytime they came up, this had us very comfortable with making the change. Overall, it was a great experience.” – Heather Smith, Cleburne County Circuit Clerk