The Ohio Fidlar eByte – November 2019

  • Clinton County launched AVID in early October. Clinton County staff now experiencing streamlined workflows.
  • AVID brings unparalleled ease of use to Clinton County recording efforts due to an array of useful features.

Fidlar Technologies is eager to highlight Clinton County and their recent launch of AVID. Now live with AVID and everything it has to offer, Clinton County Recorder Brenda Huff and her staff have gotten a look into the revolutionary world of AVID document recording. While any new technology certainly brings with it a learning curve, the Clinton County office has already hit their stride and begun experiencing the positive change that AVID‘s many useful aspects provide. Brenda Huff and her staff are one month in, but already enjoying AVID.

Graphic: Ohio Counties with LIVE with AVID

AVID boasts many useful features that can change the way your county approaches recording. Click HERE for a printable outline of some of AVID’s many useful traits.

Fidlar Technologies provides not only state-of-the-art software designed to improve and progress the recording world, but also unparalleled support and training. Chase Gridley, Fidlar Technologies Project Manager, was on-site with Brenda and her staff throughout the installation and training phase, offering a hands-on approach to training. Additionally, the Clinton County office can reach out to Fidlar Technologies’ unmatched support staff who are ready and able to help resolve any challenges Brenda and her staff may face.

AVID provides many useful tools to counties, such as scheduled reports, a long list of time-saving hotkeys, an improved, on-demand search tool, imaging, back indexing, and much more. Clinton County has just begun realizing the full potential of AVID and, as time goes on, they will continue to grow and learn alongside Fidlar Technologies and AVID.

“We went live with AVID on October 7th and, while it has presented a learning curve, we’re really starting to get the rhythm down. I appreciate that AVID allows everyone in our office to work on the same projects, streamlining our workflow quite a bit. Chase was a great help getting us set up- he’s been very responsive and helpful!”
-Brenda Huff, Clinton County Recorder

Want to learn more about how AVID eRecording can help your county? Contact Greg Bachman at for additional information.