The Ohio Fidlar eByte – July 2019

  • Clinton County to go live later this year with AVID, Bastion, PFA Honor Rewards, and more [Fidlar Technologies welcomes Clinton County with open arms as they prepare for the launch of several major programs.]
  • Programs from the Fidlar Technologies suite increase overall office efficiency [Brenda Huff, Clinton County Recorder, is eager to reduce the amount of time required for their current recording process with the help AVID.]
  • Bastion provides peace of mind and a hands-off approach to cybersecurity [Protecting your county’s data is important, and Bastion does so with ease. With little effort needed on the county’s end, Bastion safeguards county documents and files.]

Fidlar Technologies is eager to honor and welcome Clinton County, where big changes are being made. Brenda Huff, Clinton County Recorder, is eagerly anticipating the advent of modern-age efficiency in the recording world with their launch of AVID later this year. Alongside the flagship AVID program, Clinton County is signing on for an array of other valuable programs including Bastion, Property Fraud Alert, Honor Rewards, and more. Providing excellent utility to county constituents is at the forefront of Brenda’s list of goals, and she aims to achieve those with the help of Fidlar Technologies.

Brenda, working with a limited number of staff members, provides the best recording work she can to her county constituents. As technology advances – and the cyber crimes that go with it follow – Brenda decided to take matters into her own hands, and pushed for a more streamlined workflow for her and her employees. AVID reduces the overall man hours required to accomplish various document recording responsibilities, increasing the amount of work a smaller office can accomplish every day. Creating a paperless workflow, AVID helps offices towards quicker turnaround times and creates a more environmentally friendly county. AVID, powered by iNSPECT, provides an assisted-indexing technology that promotes precision and accuracy in data. Staff become data validators rather than data indexers, further improving the quality of recorded information. With other useful utilities, such as back indexing, imaging, and more, AVID sets a county up for a more dynamic future.

In addition to AVID, Clinton County is also bringing in three other hard hitting services. A hosted production environment, Bastion safeguards county data in a reliable, accessible manner. Reducing the need for hardware in-office and the maintenance costs therein, Bastion allows county offices of all sizes to store their data off-site in a highly-secure data center. In the case that disaster strikes, Bastion defends the county’s data from risks of all forms, allowing searchers to access the documents they need even in times of trouble. With adequate internet access, any county with Bastion can protect their data easily and thoroughly.

Additionally, Clinton County is providing Property Fraud Alert and Honor Rewards to their loyal citizens. Property Fraud Alert, a community outreach service, alerts subscribers against the possibilities of fraudulent activity being committed against their mortgage or property. Property fraud is a crime growing in popularity and is affecting an immense number of victims. Property Fraud Alert helps to shield county citizens from the risks of such a prominent scam – at no cost to the residents. Honor Rewards is a program that enables local veterans to receive discounts and benefits from local businesses, furthering the dedication that the county shows to those who served our great country. Free to all veterans, Honor Rewards connects a community to its citizens even further. Fidlar Technologies is excited to explore this new partnership with Clinton County, and eager to see the great things that come from it.

“We expect to go live with AVID, Bastion, and more later this year, and I am very excited to begin our journey with Fidlar Technologies. The increased efficiency and safety that these programs will bring us gives us a peace of mind that is hard to find these days. I can’t wait to get started!”

-Brenda J. Huff, Recorder
Clinton County, Ohio

Want to learn more about what AVID, Bastion, PFA, and Honor Rewards can do for your county and community? Click HERE or contact Greg Bachman at for additional information.