The Arkansas Fidlar eByte – August 2018

Columbia Offers Enhanced Access with Laredo/Tapestry

  • Remote Access increases value to searchers
  • AVID offices routinely receive software upgrades
  • Tech support via phone, email and chat
  • Commitment to serving Fidlar Partners

Fidlar is pleased to offer services and programs that broaden the services made available to constituents by the Circuit Clerk’s Office. Our remote search tools provide searchers with multiple options to accommodate a wide range of searching needs. The enhanced access tools Laredo/Tapestry provide an essential service to industry professionals needing to operate on effective and efficient levels. Both industry professionals and the general public are able to conveniently access the county repository in a secure manner outside of the courthouse.

Along with providing superior searching power to the industry, Fidlar offers the AVID land records management system to our County Partners. AVID, along with the remote-access tool Laredo, are routinely upgraded to increase their overall value to the user, over and over. Items like the assisted-indexing application, iNSPECT, increase data consistency that is sought by both the public and private sectors.

Fidlar strives to provide superior technical support to County Partners that utilize AVID. The Fidlar Support team is made available through a variety of convenient communication channels: phone call, email or online chat. Our experienced support specialists are dedicated to assisting with any requests the Circuit Clerk’s Office may have. The specialist team is on-site, providing the ability to assist in real-time during operating hours.

Each Fidlar County Partner has a dedicated team of professionals working to advance every aspect of their office’s abilities. Fidlar’s experience with and longtime dedication to the Circuit Clerk’s Office permits that we continue to deliver innovative and robust tools to every partner.



“Once we partnered with Fidlar, we moved onto the AVID system, which went great. At that point, I heavily considered providing remote access in Columbia County. We then moved forward with offering Laredo, Tapestry and Monarch which has improved the services we provide to the public. Fidlar also provides great support directly to us and to our remote access customers outside the office. Our switch to Fidlar has been largely successful and Columbia County couldn’t be happier to offer additional services like remote access and the community outreach programs Property Fraud Alert and Honor Rewards.” – Phyllis Disotell, Columbia County Circuit Clerk