The Arkansas Fidlar eByte: March 2017


We are pleased to announce that one of our newest County Partners, Columbia County, Arkansas has fully transitioned to our AVID land records management system, powered by iNSPECT! With AVID, Circuit Clerk Phyllis Disotell and staff will be better prepared to execute eRecordings, reduce paper shuffle and improve the efficiency and integrity of Columbia County’s recording process.


Phyllis also decided to integrate the new assisted-indexing feature, iNSPECT, which identifies key index information right on the document. iNSPECT adds elegant touchscreen enhancements to provide users with the most efficient and intuitive functions possible. With iNSPECT, Circuit Clerk Phyllis Disotell will take her office and the Official Public Record into the future.



“We processed our first document with AVID powered by iNSPECT on December 12th of last year. I’m happy to have changed to the AVID system, as we now have a stronger ability to process new documents into our registry. We are also able to back-index and digitize our records into the 1800’s. I feel that Fidlar’s product solution is just what we needed to make an improvement on our registry and our workflow.” – Phyllis Disotell, Columbia County Circuit Clerk